Commercial Removals

1 st Ever Ready provide a proven commercial removals service backed by thirteen years of industry experience. Moving a business is a daunting experience which can lead to serious costs through potential loss of business. For an established company these losses can far exceed the expense of the move. By entrusting 1 st Ever Ready to carry out your relocation you can be sure that your business move will be carried out efficiently, securely and will be backed by experience.

1 st Ever Ready have an extensive fleet of specialist vehicles, experienced staff, and one of the most comprehensive services and facilities available. We are able to cater for all your commercial needs and business relocations.

Please request a personal meeting with a staff member so that we can plan out your move. We will advise on how to:

  1. Plan and prepare for your move
  2. Advise on potential problems experienced by similar businesses

Electrical equipment such as computers, servers and hardware is prone to damage which may cause serious disruption to staff and the business. Damage to essential computer equipment can cause delays in re-establishing the business at the new location. The protection of files and archives is similarly important and has obvious consequences if lost, damaged or disordered.

1 st Ever Ready are well versed in these issues. We will provide specialist protective boxes for computers, and archives which we can be supplied prior to your move, thus saving time and protecting your enterprise.

We can supply a part or full service. We have vehicles and equipment to cater for businesses of any size and moves of any magnitude. It is our range of utilities and our extensive and well versed service which allows us to undertake such a range of work.

A full service can include taking care of

  1. Dismantling furniture
  2. Secure packing of equipment, furnishings and belongings
  3. Protective packaging of vital and valuable items
  4. Secure storage with 24 hour access
  5. Relocation at new premises or location

A part service is suitable where you wish to take care of packaging and some of the execution yourself. We can provide the tools required for you or your staff to take care of these tasks. We can carry out the rest.

Why can a business move cause loss of business?

  1. Disruption of services – most prominent with essential services such as sales
  2. Disruption of ongoing projects and/or operations
  3. Disruption in customer service
  4. Staff stress
  5. Staff unfamiliarity of new premises
  6. Time taken for staff to accustom themselves into their new location
  7. Potential loss or misplacement of files and paperwork
  8. Damage to equipment
  9. Delays in moving procedures

1st Ever Ready will minimise disruption to your business and allow you to continue your commercial operations with minimal interference

  1. We can carry out your moves out-of-hours
  2. An established tagging system ensures that everything from stationary to furniture is relocated in the correct order. We will consult with yourselves in how it should be reorganised
  3. It may be necessary to provide extra security and protection for confidential and vital software, hardware and archives.

We look forward to meeting you in person.