General Domestic Removals

Moving house is an extremely stressful and exhausting experience. However this does not mean that the actual execution of your relocation should be stressful. With prior preparation and the services of a professional and reliable removal company, moving house could be "just one of those things".

The key to a successful removal is planning and preparation. Below is a basic checklist and some advice and helpful tips to get you started.

1st Ever Ready have an extensive fleet of specialist vehicles, experienced staff, and one of the most comprehensive services and facilities available. We are able to cater for all your domestic needs for a successful relocation. We will visit you prior to your move and advise you on how you should prepare for the removal day.

Services provided

Whatever your house moving needs, we can provide; from long term storage, to a customized packaging service. You can choose an all-inclusive service and you have complete peace of mind that professionals taken care of your relocation allowing you to concentrate on more important things like your family. Each move is completely customized to catered to the customers needs.

Correct packing will ensure that your belongings are well protected for you move. We offer this service for a reasonable charge.

See our pages on; storage and packaging service, for more details on these services

General Advice and useful tips

It's a good idea to make a list for each room showing all items present. This could also be useful as an inventory for an estimation.


  • Make sure you are able to bank in you new location; you may have to change branch or bank.
  • We understand that you may feel more comfortable moving jewellery, valuable and finical documents yourself. We can provide any boxes or containers if necessary.

Utilities and Services

  • Give notice to utilities; telephone ,gas, water, electricity, broadband, digital TV, ect that you are moving.
  • Check for the best suppliers at your relocation.
  • Contact the utilities for your new house and ensure you have the services you require.
  • Consider other requirements at your new location, such as; GP, schools, vet, dentist, ect


  • Send out change of address cards to banks, employers, local authorities, credit and insurance companies, subscription, DVLA, DSS and of course friends and family
  • Cancel deliveries/services; milk, newspapers, gardeners, cleaners, ect
  • Inform any clubs or societies of the move
  • Pay the post office to reroute any mail for 3 - 6 months
  • If you have children apply in advance to the local LEA in you new area for school places

Tidy Up

  • Basically declutter! Clear out your garage, basement, loft, cupboards, of any unwanted items.
  • Have a car boot sale! but make sure all appliences and systems are serviced and working.
  • Use the contents of your fridge, freezer and larder before you move.
  • Collect any belongings you have out on loan or repairs

Day of move

  • We can pack your belongings for you either the day before or on the day
  • Keep out until last; kettle , tea, coffee and biscuits, vacuum cleaner and your children's box
  • If your removal involves an overnight stay on route, pack your night time essential and a clean set of clothes in your car.

Pets and Plants

  • Consider in advance how you can transport and re-house any animals.
  • Arrangements can be if you wish the company to move yours pets for you.
  • Consider only moving you favourite plants; just like animals, plants suffer distress when moved.


  • Try involving your children so that the look forward to moving into the new house
  • Our staff always take extra careful when children are around the removal process as moving heavy items can be dangerous, and vans are not safe places for children.
  • A good idea would be to have the children's box loaded last onto the van and first out again.