Moving to Malaysia

1st Ever Ready provide international relocation and removals services with regular weekly loads moving in both directions, to and from each country. Malaysia is regularly served by our fleet, and we are able to take full loads, part loads and single items.

At very competitive rates we load & collect from any part of the UK however remote & can deliver to any area of Malaysia.

We offer a full or part packing service for all moves (or we can supply you with materials), a part or full export wrapping service for effects for extra journey protection, short or long terms storage either in this country or abroad & full comprehensive goods in transit insurance for any value as nominated by the customer (extra charges are incurred) & we have fully trained customer friendly, competent, experienced staff with FIDA trained & regulated personnel, at your country of destination.

We are here to make your move easy & stress free, thus allowing you to enjoy your new forthcoming horizons. We try to minimise the journey times of your goods by careful selection & keep track of the consignment by use of the latest navigational systems allowing us to be totally aware of the current location of effects.

Please remember this is just some general information for anyone wishing or planning to move to Malaysia . For more information on any legal and social aspects of making the move visit the website; UK Commission in Malaysia


Population; 23,953,136 (July 2005 est.)

Location; Southeastern Asia, peninsula bordering Thailand and northern one-third of the island of Borneo , bordering Indonesia , Brunei , and the South China Sea, south of Vietnam

Geography; total area: 329,750 sq km. The terrain consists of coastal plains rising to hills and mountains. Capital city is Kuala Lumpur.

Climate; tropical; annual southwest (April to October) and northeast (October to February) monsoons

Language; Bahasa Melayu (official), English, Chinese dialects (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai
note: in addition, in East Malaysia several indigenous languages are spoken, the largest are Iban and Kadazan

Currency; ringgit (MYR)

Government; Constitutional Monarchy with an elected federal parliamentary government

Religion; Muslim, Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Christian, Sikh; note - in addition, Shamanism is practiced in East Malaysia

Economy and Jobs

Job scene; Malaysia needs foreign workers in selected industries but not all. If you are being offered a job here it can be assumed that your employer has already determined this. If you come here seeking employment do not assume that the country requires your services.

Work permit; A work permit is the most important documentation required for those seeking employment in the country. Normally this is obtained from the employer, once in the country. Employees and their family are allowed to enter the country on social visas issued by Malaysian Immigration officials upon arrival. Permits will be given for varying periods from six months to several years depending on the position and the whim of the Immigration Department. Try and get the longest possible if you are staying in the country for awhile to save the hassle of reapplying.

Moving to Malaysia

Visas & Passport; Nationals of many countries do not require a visa to enter Malaysia for short stays. Nationals of the UK and many Commonwealth countries do not need a visa to enter Malaysia . Foreign nationals who wish to visit Malaysia have to obtain a pass at the point of entry besides a visa (where required) which allows them to stay temporarily. A pass is an endorsement in the passport constituting permission to stay for the approved duration.

Citizenship; If you wish to apply to be a permanent resident of Malaysia you must have lived in the country continuously for at least 5 years under a valid Entry Permit, or at least 10 years in the case of foreign husbands of Malaysian citizens.
The Malaysian Government does not recognize dual citizenship so applicants granted citizenship are required to relinquish the citizenship of any other country.

Pets and animals; If you part with your pet it is possible to get a replacement when you arrive in Malaysia or give one of the many stray cats here a home. If you fear missing your pet too much, surf the Veterinary Services Department of Malaysia's website for more details on bringing in your pet at

Living In Malaysia

Renting; With some luck, permanent housing may be pre-organised before you arrive. If not, you will be staying with friends or in a hotel until you settle down. It is relatively cheap to rent a house or apartment in Malaysia , except in central Kuala Lumpur where rental prices are higher.
Furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished properties are all widely available for rent, and can be found via the real estate agents which are numerous in urban areas and advertise in the local or national press. Some expatriate websites also advertise rental properties in their classifieds sections. One point worthy of note is that unfurnished properties are often completely empty, without even kitchen units or a cooker. Leases are usually drawn up for yearly renewal.

Education; Local school curricula are taught in Bahasa Malaysia ( national language ), Chinese, English or Tamil. There are international schools that use British, Japanese, Indonesian, American, Australian and French curricula. Education at local schools is cheap but language could be a barrier for many children. International schools come with a cost but the standards and facilities are high. Potential students will have to weigh up the curriculum on offer, fees and travelling distance across town before selecting a school to apply to.

Health; Malaysia has a high standard of health, and its medical services are among the best in the region. Many doctors have been trained in Western countries and both doctors and nursing staff will usually speak English. Most medicines are widely available and dispensed by trained pharmacists in major towns.
Since private medical care can be very expensive, it is advisable to join a private insurance scheme before departure to Malaysia , and to take out comprehensive medical/travel insurance covering all eventualities.