Packaging Tips

If you wish to do the packing yourself then begin early. 1st Ever Ready can provide you with suitable boxes which are strong and which are large enough to allow you to maximise the space yet do not become too heavy. We will discuss this with you during the consultation as other materials will also be required.

The following are tips provided as a general guide to help you on your way. The easiest way to ensure everything is carried out correctly is to discuss it with us. We are a reliable removal company and well experienced at foreseeing potential problems to ensure that your move is swift and stress free.

If using your own boxes then please ensure that they are strong enough and large enough to maximise the space. The boxes we supply are modular so that they stack in a methodical manner and reduce storage and transportation costs. Fill our boxes to the top and then close the lid.

Boxes need to be able to be lifted safely so please do not make them too heavy. Check suspect boxes for weight while filling them. If they begin to become too heavy then fill them with light bulky items such as linen, towels, cushions and soft toys. Books are one of the heaviest items so it may be necessary to use smaller boxes for them.

If using your own boxes then always make sure that you use parcel tape to fasten the bottom and the top. This ensures that the box does not unfold when picked up, and is especially true of heavy boxes.

Label the boxes with the room in which you would like them to end up. Write on the tape so that the removals team know that these are instructions for them. This also allows the boxes to be re-used. We use a proven tagging system to ensure an orderly move; you may wish to discuss this with us.

Heavy and bulky items are better located at the bottom of boxes. However remember about culmination of weight when starting to fill boxes with heavy items. A single item such as a dinner plate may not weight very much, but a complete set will become heavy. Try to stand plates and glasses on their ends as this increases their strength resistance.

We can provide ample supplies of bubble wrap. Alternatively you can use scrunched up newspaper or soft items which need to be packed anyway such as linen, towels or cuddly toys.

Securely fasten bottles and jars and stand them upright. It is vital that volatile liquids are declared to us in advance as they will require special arrangements. Anything which can spill must be appropriately secured.

Bin bags are particularly useful for bedding and similar soft items as they can be used to take up spare space in the removal vehicles.

Use acid free tissue paper to protect silverware or it may become tarnished, especially if it is going to be stored.