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How is my furniture Stored?

we use both containerised storage & on site metal 20ft container storage where we offload goods from your proeprty onto the internal/external containers.

Any items too large to fit into a wooden container will be stored separately; this usually includes ladders, carpets and sometimes sofas and chairs. A representative will advise you about this when they call round.

Important -If you or our visiting consultant anticipate any problems with access to the house, as the removal vans that the containers travel in are very tall (up to 14 feet), alternative arrangement will be made by us. If you experience any unexpected problems, contact us and we will offer a solution. Most importantly is your peace of mind.

Safety of storage

You are putting away all your possessions in one place away from your watchful eye; security is obviously of top concern. 1st Ever Ready provide top of the range 24hr security which include CCTV and fully alarmed storage facility, to ensure your possessions are kept safe. You will also be fully insured for up to 75,000, for that extra peace of mind.


Packaging for storage is extremely important. This can be done either by you or by the company.

If you decide to do your own packing, we can provide all the materials to do this. If you decide to use your own, you must ensure that you use good quality boxes that are stable enough to permit stacking without causing harm to the contents. Always ensure that a box is only filled to its top level and mix light and heavy items. Fragile items should always be surrounded by soft items e.g. towels, bedding, or bubble wrap, which can be provided, and then placed in a box, marked fragile. If the thought of packing everything seems daunting and time consuming we offer a range of packaging services to easy your work. See Packaging Service page for full details

Useful tips

  • Most important; personal papers and documents should be retained by yourself, although we can take care of vital documents and can provide extra security on request. If you wish to hold these documents yourself, we can provide you with the boxes and hold-alls you need to do this.
  • Keep a list; Everything that is placed into containers will be put on a inventory by the removal company, but if you make a list of what you have placed inside each of your boxes. Then number and mark on each box, the appropriate room intended. This will help when they come out of storage, as you will never remember what is in each box, especially when they have been in storage for a while.
  • Give notice; The nature of containerised storage is that you can stack the containers on top of each other to saving space, and in a warehouse with hundreds of containers yours are bound to be ones at the very back. Try and give as much notice as you can preferably 2 weeks or more.

Items not going into storage.

Anything you do not intend to send to storage such as clothes, personal possessions, plants and pets (not that you would) should be put into a separate room with the door shut.
Tell the team leader what is to stay and go. Don't make the mistake of saying it's all to go, because they will take everything that isn't fastened down. If this happens and you need something that been packed away it will delay everything when the removal team have to stop and unload the containers.

Important on day of move

Keep walkways clear.
Moving into storage takes a bit longer to load the van than a straight move. This is due to the fact that when furniture goes into store the team have a lot less space to work in and therefore need to pick and choose what they take to the van more carefully. It's a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle and the team have to go from room to room to see which piece of furniture will fit exactly.

Specific goods

Fridge/freezers/washing machines; These should be disconnected, washed out with detergent in order to avoid unpleasant odors and then thoroughly dried out. You don't want your freezer defrosting inside the container surrounded by your beds.

Draws and Desks; Anything that you do not need should be left in drawers as this saves you having to pack it as well as saving you a lot of space in the container. However take out have any breakable items as they could roll around in the draw. Bureaus tend to be extremely heavy and usually have very spindly legs. It would be better if you unpack the drawers especially of heavy paper or books.

Electrical goods; If possible pack these in their original packaging. If not pack in a carton bigger than the equipment and surround it with bedding or clothes that will protect it. Mark very clearly on the box "fragile". Record decks need the pick up arm securing during transit.

Items that cannot be stored

Check with us about what you can and cannot store. Items such as food stuffs and flammable items like paint, petrol etc. cannot go into storage, and if they do, this may invalidate any insurance cover. Not to mention putting yours and other peoples processions at risk from fire and vermin.